| Written By Sarah Pardus

Train Like Aston Villa | 40-30-20 Runs

The ’40-30-20 Run’ is the fifth and final drill of this series that showcases how Aston Villa’s Lead Sport Scientist, Jack Sharkey, improves the fitness and aerobic capacity of his Premier League players. This drills requires no setup or equipment at all, just you and a football pitch, and will help develop the engine required to keep performing throughout the 90 minutes.

The sequence is as follows:

RUN 1 – Run from the halfway line to the goal line, back to the opposite goal line and finish at the halfway line. Run this in under 40s, then rest for 40s.

RUN 2 – Run from the halfway line to the 18 yard box, then run to the opposite 18 yard box and back to the halfway line. Run this in under 30s, then rest for 30s.

RUN 3 – Run from the halfway line to the goal line and back. Run this in under 20s, then rest 20s.

After the 3 runs, rest for 90s and repeat another 3 times until you’ve completed 12 total runs.

This is the final drill from the Aston Villa series, so get out there, give it a go and let us know if you enjoyed it by tagging @playrbycatapult on Instagram and Facebook.

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The next series with another Premier League team starts very soon!