| Written By Sarah Pardus

Train Like Newcastle United | Strength & Power

Now that you’ve improved your aerobic capacity with Aston Villa, let’s work on your strength and power. Newcastle United’s strength and conditioning coach, Nick Grantham, is here with us to provide you the tools you need to strengthen your lower limbs. The first video is the lower limb conditioning program that Newcastle United uses in their pre-season programming. The exercises will help you develop lower limb strength that will benefit you no matter what position you play. The second video is a typical in-season lower limb power program. These exercises help the first team players maintain their leg strength and power. The key here is to focus on quality, not quantity, and rest between sets to complete each with max effort. You don’t need equipment to complete these exercises, so you can do them from anywhere.


To complete this conditioning program, follow the below sequence:

20 squats

10 lunges each side

10 step ups each side

20 squat jumps

Level 1: Complete 3 rounds with 45 seconds recovery between exercises and 180 seconds recovery between rounds

Level 2: Complete 5 rounds with 30 seconds recovery between exercises and 90 seconds recovery between rounds

Ready for the ultimate challenge? Complete 5 founds with NO recovery between exercises and NO recovery between rounds


To maximize your power, try the below. Remember, quality over quantity!

4×6 reps split squats each side

4×4 reps explosive split squats each side

4×4 reps broad jump

4×4 reps squat jump

4×3 reps lateral drives each side

4×10 reps two foot jumps

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