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GPS Tracker

Small, lightweight and charged wirelessly, the PLAYR GPS tracker combines advanced GPS with an accelerometer, allowing you to measure your speed, distance, sprints and heat maps.

PLAYR is FIFA Approved.
Tested for safety and authorised to wear in training and official competitive matches.
Data that you can trust.
Using professional-grade GPS technology to track down your position to the nearest metre and smart sensors capturing 1250 data points per second.
You’ll forget it’s even there.
Weighing in at just 36 grams, it is the lightest and smallest GPS tracker for football. Period.
Sunshine, rain, hail, or snow, PLAYR has been designed to withstand every possible weather condition.
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Design-wise, the smart pod is simple and unobtrusive. LEDs communicate the signal strength, battery life, and charging, through the vest, which is woven from advanced high performance textiles.

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Performance Vest

Made from a four-way flex and ultra compressive fabric to provide exceptional durability, fit and comfort.

Focus on your game.
Patented auto-detect technology switches on the GPS tracker and begins recording the second it’s placed in the vest. No buttons. No forgetting to record your stats.
Designed with the pros. Made for you.
The PLAYR vest has been designed and tested with elite players to ensure it’s fit for the highest level of performance.
Work hard, wash easy.
The easy-care performance stretch fabric retains its shape and provides ultimate comfort despite the competitive demands of the game.

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Our easy-to-use app allows you to sync your sessions, quickly view your performance data, and learn how to improve your game.

Stats that matter.
Total distance, top speed, power plays and sprint distance. You can see the key aspects of your fitness.
Know your position.
Heatmaps show where you’ve spent the most time or where you’ve hit your highest speeds, giving you better tactical awareness.
Break your game down.
It’s a game of two halves. But you can break it down further to see how your performance changed throughout the game, and see if you can maintain your fitness when it matters.
Compare to pros and peers.
You can benchmark your performances against professionals and peers playing in the same position to see where you stand and what you need to keep working on.
Aim for personal bests.
Compare how each of your metrics stacked up against your personal bests and strive for better performances.
See your progress.
Track the trend of your stats and see how you’re improving throughout the season.
UMEÅ IK Girls U17.
I use the tips on the SmartCoach app to adjust my training, based on how hard the game was.

Understand how to improve

Stats mean nothing without insights.

Optimise your game. Using your individual profile and schedule, SmartCoach will tell you if your training is at an optimal load and intensity to be ready on game day.


You can only improve with action.

Our in-app SmartCoach created with Premier League coaches provides personalised training and recovery actions to take your game to the next level.

Train smarter

From pitch sessions with the ball to simple running sessions, PLAYR’s SmartCoach engine provides you with appropriate training drills to supplement your preparation.

Recover faster

Reduce your time to recover from matches and training by using the science that the pros use. You can now train more effectively and improve your performance on game day!

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