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Average improvement after 3 months usage

Introducing PLAYR

Soccer GPS Tracker

The only soccer tracker combining the latest GPS tracking technology with personalised training advice. For any player who wants to improve their game.

Train Like Aston Villa
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To get started, all you need is your PLAYR GPS tracker, vest and app.

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GPS Tracker

PLAYR uses the latest GPS and sensor technology to accurately track your fitness, and is FIFA-approved to be worn in all levels of competitive soccer.

Performance Vest

Patented technology means once placed in the vest, your GPS pod will automatically turn on and start recording. Plus four-way flex and ultra compressive fabric provides exceptional durability, fit and comfort.


Wirelessly sync your GPS tracker with your smartphone to see your stats and learn where you can improve. The PLAYR app is available on iOS & Android. Download below.

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Apple Watch App

Now you can use PLAYR with just the Apple Watch. All you need to do is install the PLAYR app to track your soccer sessions, analyse your data and improve your game.


Our easy-to-use app allows you to sync your sessions, quickly view your performance data, and learn how to improve your game.


Stats that matter

Total distance, top speed, power plays, sprint distance, load and intensity. Measure the key aspects of your physical performance to know where you’re at.

Know your position

Learn where you’ve spent the most time on the pitch, giving you better tactical awareness.

Plus, see if you can match your game day heatmaps with a Premier League player!

Track your progress

Track the trend of your stats and see how you’re improving throughout the month, season and year. With the help of PLAYR, you should see a positive trend!

Compare with team-mates

Whether you’re a coach, parent or just team-mates, you can set up a squad to compare metrics across your team and see who is truly the fittest player.


Stats alone aren’t enough. That’s why PLAYR will show you how you can train smarter, recover faster and play better.


Personalised advice

Personalised football drills or recovery tips are delivered to you after each session by the built-in SmartCoach. Data won’t improve your game without action.

Train smart, play smart

Understand what you’re aiming for with target zones for every training session and match day. These are designed by Premier League coaches to help you improve your game.

Access expert content

From nutrition and recovery, to additional training drills, there are lots of pro tips on how to improve in The Clubhouse. Provided by Premier League coaches for you.

Fitter, Faster, Stronger

Based on thousands of players, these are the average improvements after 3 months of using PLAYR:

Sprint Distance


Top Speed


Total Distance


Power Plays