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Track your soccer sessions, analyze your data and improve your performance with the PLAYR Apple Watch app.

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Track with your Apple Watch

Easy to use & setup

Select match or training to instantly start tracking your soccer performance using your Apple Watch

Track your metrics in real-time

See your distance, speed, and heart rate on your Apple Watch as you play

Analyze on your Phone

Stats that matter

Total distance, top speed, power plays and sprint distance. See the key aspects of your physical performance to know where to improve

Break your game down

View how your stats changed throughout the game, and see if you can maintain your fitness when it matters

Know your position

Heatmaps show where you’ve spent the most time or where you’ve hit your highest speeds, giving you better tactical awareness

Compete with team-mates

Set up a squad to compare metrics across your team and see who is truly the fittest player

Improve your game

Train smart with targets

Understand what you are aiming for with target zones designed by Premier League coaches to help you improve your game

Access The Clubhouse

From nutrition and recovery, to additional training drills, there are lots of pro tips on how to improve in The Clubhouse

Want the ultimate experience?

PLAYR Smart Soccer Tracker

Access all premium features, professional-level accuracy and FIFA-approved to be worn in games.

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How does it all compare?

Use PLAYR with either an Apple Watch or PLAYR SmartPod, compare which one is best for you.

What's included Apple Watch
Smart Soccer Tracker
  • Track & sync your data
  • Core metrics
  • Smart targets
  • Create a squad
  • Personal Bests
  • Access The Clubhouse
  • Load & intensity metrics
  • Match to a pro
  • Sport science advice
  • Trend graphs
  • FIFA-approved for use in match
  • Professional-grade GPS accuracy

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Smart Soccer Tracker